Collaboration with GROW MY TREE

The fight against climate change

At Spanvall, we are on a mission to fight climate change by planting trees with our official climate partner, GROW MY TREE! We believe that businesses are important players in the fight against climate change and can contribute greatly to a more sustainable future. That’s why we want to take responsibility and reduce our CO2 emissions together with GROW MY TREE. Our goal is to create environmental awareness and invest together to save our planet.

Commitment to sustainability

Spanvalls commitment and motivation behind planting trees and engaging in sustainability initiatives are rooted in the desire to combat climate change, preserve biodiversity, improve animal welfare, and inspire positive environmental action. When it comes to sustainability in bedding for animals, our commitment and motivation extend to providing comfortable and biodegradable options that prioritize the well-being of both animals and the working environment. By taking these steps today, we sow the seeds of a brighter tomorrow for both our planet and future generations.

How does tree planting work?

Our partner GROW MY TREE works with local operators in countries in the Global South to plant trees where the environmental, social, and economic leverage is greatest – ensuring all plantings are fair, sustainable, and certified.

Why plant trees?

Every tree can absorb 22 kg of Co2 per year, year by year, to fight climate change. We want to motivate our customers to first minimize their Co2 emissions in everyday life and then offset CO2 emissions by planting trees. At GROW MY TREE, individuals and businesses can easily plant or give away trees with just a few clicks. If each person planted approx. 440 trees, they may offset almost 100 % of their yearly CO2 emissions. *

Follow our sustainable journey in planting trees: 

*This is an average value and depends on individual CO2 consumption and the CO2 sequestration time of the trees planted.